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Timely Insanity


Author(s) : Vahi
Current Season : Eight
Medium : Razor, Chimoru, RZMIK, Rayg
Island : Unknown (Formerly The Comic Land)
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : 1.5
Started On : December 25, 2007
Location : Various
Status : Indefinite Hiatus
Pronunciation : N/A

Timely Insanity, previously The Epicly Epic Comics of Epicness and originally titled Vahi786's Comics, is a comic series started by BZPower member Vahi, currently known as Vataki. They were first started on December 25, 2007, then called Vahi786's Comics, and closed December 19 2010. They are mainly modeled after Psycho Dogs and Carbonated Beverages, Nuparurocks' Comics and Gavla's Comics, and finished with a total of 223 comics.

On March 27, 2011, the series was revived for a 6th Season, and is currently on an indefinite hiatus.


Series History

Season One

In Season One, Vahi began the comics fairly poorly, as he even admits it himself, but he improved over time until the comics grew to be much better at their humor (leading to the comics' new topic title). Vahi used Razor for this season, and late in the season, introduced GIMP.

Season Two

In the second season, Vahi786 decided to use the popular Chimoru Kit like many other comic makers at the time. Also that year, Vahi introduced the Disgaea Human game sprites, begining with PGS, Kara Nui. But, as time went on, Vahi began to miss using Razor, so he decided that after the BZPower Downtime, he would begin season 3.0 in Razor again.

Season Three

As per his decision in the Downtime, when Vahi began Season Three, he switched the sprite kit of the comics back to Razor. This season was quite successful, ending with fifty-nine comics (including GS comics and specials).

The topic was then closed on October 19th when Vahi left BZPower. When Vahi returned to BZP, he reopened the comics.

Season Four

The Season Four Header

When he began Season Four, under the title of "The Epicly Epic Comics of Epicness", Vahi changed the sprite kit again, this time using RZMIK. He began this season with a comic saga, and then switched to a daily comic strip, in the style of NR's Comics. The daily strip has lasted a week so far, no word on if Vahi plans to use this style in the future.

In the same season, Vahi decided he would drop the "786" title, seeing as he only used it because "Vahi" was already taken. He then changed his user name to Miles "Tails" Prower, after his favorite character from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Since then he has gone by "Vataki", a name he explained in season six.


Vahi later decided to make a few changes to Season Four, which include use of the Rayg Kit, new backgrounds, and a few new PGSes.

He also released a spoiler of Season 4.5, with Eljay in his Rayg 2.0 sprite, shouting the famous line from Lord of The Rings, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!". The season was officially launched on April 20, 2010. On June 11 2010, Vahi introduced a "Mini comic", which he would make instead of 3-panel filler type of comics. Though he only created 3 in this season, and there is so far no word of them being continued in the future.

Season Five

A fifth season was the final for the series, using Chimoru Alpha, Chimoru Delta (by Nuzar), and Vahi's own armor edit. It only used Photoshop Elements and GIMP, because Vahi decided to drop Microsoft Paint entirely. It was released on the 17th of October, 2010, and closed on December 19, 2010.

Season Six

On March 27, 2011, Vahi revived Timely Insanity, due to the failure of his previous series. It uses RZ, and backgrounds similar to the ones used in Season 5, only smaller. He decided rather than using "Season Six" for the title, he would use "6th Generation", which he had previously used for his "Vahi kit: 4th Generation", which was obviously inspired by Apple.

Poster for "Timely Insanity: 6th Generation"

On October 31st, 2011, Vahi held a fan comic contest, in which readers would submit fan comics, and the winner would PGS in Timely Insanity: 7th Generation. On December 1st, 2011, it was announced that NX09 had won. Season 7 will not be the first time she PGSes, as she was a PGS in seasons 2 - 5, before she left BZPower, she was then dropped, but is set to appear in Season 7.

Timely Insanity: 6th Generation was ended on December 25th, 2011 (Timely Insanity's fourth anniversary) with a Christmas comic that was previously released in the Comic Advent Calendar.

Season Seven

Timely Insanity: 6th Generation's final comic was released on December 25th, 2011, which was the 4th anniversary of Timely Insanity itself. On December 28th, Timely Insanity: 7th Generation was released, featuring two new comics to start things off.

The first 13 comics of this season were considered an "opening saga." Each comic continued a short story in which Snicker took over an operation which was supposed to be run by Vataki. She took over because she felt Vahi was "not suited for the job," so she became something of a dictator. This turned out to be completely ridiculous in the end, as the operation was a plan to throw a surprise party for Nami. Snicker was then tied up in the basement where she previously tied up Arkatox, Nuzar and Justax-Kal for disobeying her orders or opposing her as leader of the operation.

The 14th comic and onward continued the traditional "funny comics," but it was also announced in the BZPower topic, and in Vataki's deviantART journal that he had been working on a currently untitled side-series for Timely Insanity, which he hopes to release in Summer of 2012. He announced that it would be unlike previous Timely Insanity seasons and series, as it will be an Action-Drama type of series, as opposed to the normal Comedy-based series Timely Insanity is known to be. He confirmed that old PGSes and character may come back as Special Guest Stars, but Permanent Guest Stars would not be accepted in this series. Characters confirmed to appear in this series so far are Vataki, Nami, Sashi, Snicker, Sally and Giggles. Vataki announced that there will be a few new characters featured in this series, and it will take place about 6 months after the ending of Timely Insanity: 7th Generation. It was later announced that these plans would be postponed, and be released in 2013 as the 8th Generation of Timely Insanity (and it was later announced that 8th Gen would be released in June 2012 instead.)

Along with this announcement, Vahi announced that he has no intentions of continuing Timely Insanity "The Movie": The Comics, as he hasn't worked on it in over a year, and lacks the interest to continue.

On May 24th 2012, it was announced that 7th Generation would end sooner than expected. This was true, as the season finale was released in two parts on May 25th, and May 26th. The opening panels of the season finale showed Vataki in his room, talking to himself about how he must make some sort of announcement. He begins to look at his arm, and it is turning black. He then says, "I wish it had never come to this... I wish I could be an average Matoran like all the others... I must hide this from everyone that I can..." He is then interrupted by Sashi, who asks when he is going to make his announcement, and he tells her he will once his "dark form" wears off. She then leaves saying, "I see... Well, see you at the announcement li'l bro. Hope we can find a cure for ya', soon!" This scene implies that whatever is going on with Vahi, Sashi knows about it, too. The first part ends with Vahi exclaiming, "I just need to make this announcement, and things will be fine... I cannot allow anyone but Sashi to know about this... Especially not Nami... She would worry too much... I just wish there were a cure for this condition..."

In the beginning of part 2, Vahi is announcing to the PGSes that he is retiring, and that they must all go back to their homes and comic studios. (This was just to clear PGSes out of the way so that Season 8 can focus mainly on main characters.) Vataki then leaves the room, and in an emotional scene, announces retirement to Haley, Giggles, Sally, Nub and Nami. Haley and Nami are clearly in some form of shock, and Giggles becomes overly-emotional and falls to his knees crying like a big baby, Sally appears to be sad by this mood, and as usual, Nub is just emotionless. Vahi says, "Haley, Giggles... Keep up the good work on your comics, and be good to Sally, Nub and Nami..." implying that Sally, Nami and Nub will be left as comic characters to Haley and Giggles now. Nami walks up to Vataki, and says to him, "Vahi... You... Can't... You just can't..." Nami then begins to walk away from Vataki. She then begins to cry and walk away, along with Haley, Giggles, Nub and Sally. Vataki, with a sad expression, walks out the room in the opposite direction. Sashi, who has been there the whole time, gets the honors of speaking the last words on Season 7, when she says "Vahi..." as Vataki leaves the room.

Season Eight

8th Generation showed better graphics, and a more serious plot‎

Season 8 was released on June 2nd, 2012. In the first comic, you see a more plot-based series continuation of the Season 7 finale, in a similar style to Season 4. In this season, we find out that Vahi was a Makuta-Matoran all along, and was actually adopted into the Teridax family. He was actually one of six Makuta/Matoran created by Makuta Teridax himself, and they are commonly referred to as the "sons of Teridax." Vataki's and Sashi's hopes are to separate Vahi's Matoran form from his Makuta form.

In this season, two new antagonists were introduced, Tharik, who is bent on becoming world-dictator, and Rakau, Vahi's biological sister, who we find out is sent on a mission to capture Vataki. This is the first time the series has seen an antagonist since season 4, when "Donny" made his final appearance.

Season 8 was concluded on March 20th, 2013, and one week later, Vahi announced an indefinite hiatus, saying the he has "left this series off at a point where I can either pick up where I left off, or end the series entirely. Which is highly convenient for me, seeing as I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do yet." It is currently unknown whether or not Vahi ever intends to come off hiatus.


786 Comic Studios

On November 17th, 2009, a cross-over series between Vahi and his younger sister Snicker was started. It lasted only a little over a month, and was closed on December 26th of the same year. Both comic makers returned to their original series.

Timely Insanity "The Movie": The Comics

On December 23rd, 2010, a new comic series was started, based around Vahi's older "movies". Several comics were made for it, but ultimately, Vahi noted disliking the outcome of it and it was closed on January 1st, 2011.

Daily Insanity

After the previously mentioned spin-off failed, Vahi decided to take a shot at a daily comic series. On January 31st, 2011, the comic series was started, and ran Monday-Friday, giving him time to make new comics on the weekends. Unfortunately, the series only lasted one week, and was closed on the 6th of February in 2011. Vahi soon revived Timely Insanity for it's sixth season.

The Characters

Current Characters

Character Description Gender Species First Appeared Seasons Absent
Vataki The main character. He's normally sane, but a bit hyper at times. He's the author of the comics. Male Matoran/Makuta Season 1 None
Snicker Vahi's evil/insane younger sister. Loves torturing her brothers, Gavla and Eljay. Female Matoran Season 1 None
Dr. Giggles Vahi's odd younger brother. He is considered annoying by the other characters. Mostly Snicker, his sister. He loves the Noobicorn Male Matoran Season 1 Season 4
Nami Vahi's fangirl, who likes to go by the name "Official Fangirl". She's always bugging Vahi, and anyone who insults for for being a fangirl. Female Matoran Season 2 None
Sally The most sane character. She is snippy at most times, and gets jealous over things. She mysteriously disappeared as of Season six. Female Matoran Season 2 Season 6 (Later re-introduced)
Nub Dr. Giggles' best friend, who only speaks to Giggles. He for unknown reasons always wears a set of Mickey Mouse-like ears. Male Matoran Season 7 Season 8
The Noobicorn A piece of wood shaped like a unicorn which was painted yellow and blue. Dr. Giggles seems to worship it like a God. unknown None Season 7 Season 8
Tharik He is evil, possibly insane, and bent on becoming the world dictator. He is the first antagonist the series has seen since "Donny" who last appeared in Season 4. Male Matoran Season 8 None
Rakau One of Vahi's biological siblings. She is the only female out of the six "sons of Teridax." She was adopted by Tharik at a young age, as he planned to use her powers to his own benefit one day. Female Matoran/Makuta Season 8 None

Former Characters

Character Description Gender Species First Appeared Seasons Absent Last Appeared
Donny The original antagonist of the series. His intentions were to take over Latte-Nui. Male Matoran Season 1 Season 3 Season 4
Jaller, Hahli, Macku, Hewkii, Hafu, Kongu, Tahu Nuva and Turaga Vakama. Bionicle canon characters who were brought into the series. Matoran/Toa/Turaga Season 1 None Seasons 2 - 3
Purple, Shadow, and Greg. Donny's sidekicks who helped him fail to take over Latte-Nui. Season 1 None Seasons 1-2
Wolf A werewolf/Matoran hybrid. The only antagonist from season 1 who appeared in season 3. Male Matoran/Wolf Season 1 None Season 3
Taka An Av-Matoran who tries desperately to impress girls. Male Matoran Season 2 None Season 3
Leroko, Sir. Night, Gatti. Season 3's antagonists, who were introduced after Donny's disappearance. Toa Season 3 None Season 3
Sashi The oldest sibling of the four in the series. Female Matoran/Makuta Season 6 None Season 8

Spin-Off Series

Comics Authored or Co-Authored by Vahi have a * next to the name.

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