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Bionicle Manga


Genre : Hand Drawn
Written By : P962
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : Mata-Nui
Main Enemies : N/A
Starting Date : Early 2009 (Oct. 27, 2011 on BZPower)
Medium : Paper and Pencil
Status : Active

Bionicle Manga is a hand-drawn comic retelling the bionicle story with a manga twist.


The basic plot and characters are all kept the same with one noticeable difference. Everything looks anything but what they looked like set wise. While BM has only been on BZP for a few months, P962 has said that the comic (or manga, if you want to get technical) was started in early 2009 and the main reason for its existence is that he was a big fan of Bionicle when he was younger. Despite his best efforts, no one has really complimented or reviewed BM aside from one other notable artist, Kakaru. In his review, he criticized the lack of editing and panel spacing. However he praised the art and said that he was glad it was improving.

Chapter One

Chapter One begins with the prologue which quickly informs the reader of what is going on. The narrator then tells Tahu Mata to get a move on and the latter pleads for five more minutes. After his request is denied, Tahu stumbles onto Ta-Wahi Beach and finds a mask. Wondering what it does, he equips it and finds that his hand has caught fire. Finding a nearby sword, he grabs it and declares that he shall be known as "Tahu, Toa of Fire" Elsewhere on the island, Kopaka awakens and makes way for Ko-Wahi. While testing out his mask of power, he spots a matoran hiding behind a rock. The stranger introduces himself as Matoro and tells Kopaka to follow him. While en-route to the icy village of Ko-Koro, Matoro informs Kopaka that a bridge is being made in honor of the latter. Kopaka remarks how nice that is when the duo is suddenly ambushed by a Nui-Rama. After quickly freezing it, he asks what it was. Matoro then fills the Toa of Ice in on the rahi. Later, Kopaka is greeted by the turaga of Ko-Koro, Nuju, and is told that he and five other toa on the island are destined to find the Great Masks of Power and vanquish the Makuta. Nuju then hands Kopaka a map and is told that one of the mask can be found in a place of "far seeing". Kopaka then ponders the possibility of other Toa being on the island when a loud noise catches his attention.

A mysterious person yells at Kopaka telling him to move out of the way, but its too late. Next thing he knows, hes covered in a pile of rocks. The stranger apologizes for his actions and asks if Kopaka needs any help. Kopaka replies no and freezes the rocks and uses his powers to break the frozen rock pile thus setting him free. The muscular being introduces himself as Pohatu, Toa of Stone and asks Kopaka if he wants to team up and also states it might make thier quest easier. The latter coldly replies that he works alone. After pestering him a little more, Kopaka reluctantly lets Pohatu join forces with him. The two soon reach the fabled place of far seeing where Kopaka spots a Kanohi Hau and puts it on. While taking in the breathtaking scenery, Kopaka informs Pohatu that they need to get going. The latter asks why and the former replies that he saw beings of great power. Question is, are they allies or enemies?

Chapter Two

While the other Toa converse with one another, Kopaka silently makes first impressions of the other toa. Noting their powers as well as personalities. Gali then pipes up and says its time the group stops talking about how they came to the island and instead start talking about the great masks of power they will need to stop Makuta and his dark designs. Kopaka agrees to this. Tahu starts off the new conversation topic by talking about his mask the kanohi Hau and what it does . Pohatu then interrupts stating that Kopaka has found a Hau of his own. Jealous that someone beat him to the first mask, Tahu ignores this and continues by saying that the group should work together to make the search for the great masks easier. Kopaka and Lewa decline the offer and so does Gali although she doesn't seem to be against the idea. Angry that half the group shot down his idea, the toa of fire storms off to Ta-Koro and vents his anger by shooting fire out of his sword. A Matoran named Jaller pulls Tahu out of his rage by kindly reminding the latter to watch where he shoots fire. Apologizing, Tahu instantly recognizes the Captain of the Guard as the same person who tried to imprision him earlier in an off screen event.

Jaller then tells Tahu that hes heard rumors about a Akaku mask being hidden in the depths of Onu-Wahi, Thanking him for the information, Tahu sets off for the location and after hours of exploring the cavern, he finally makes it to where the mask can be found. As he crosses the bridge, tiny heat scorpions start attaching themselves to Tahu. When fire doesn't work, the toa of fire starts pondering what any of the other toa would do in his situation. In that instant a lightbulb goes off in Tahu's head and he starts swinging on the bridge much like Lewa would. Having rid himself of the tiny scorpions, Tahu approaches the mask of x ray vision and immediately puts it on his face. Elsewhere, Lewa comtemplates going for a quick swim in an abandoned cavern somewhere in Le-wahi.

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